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Help with Independent Learning

The content listed below is designed for students currently studying at AS/A2 level (or equivalent).


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This online tool can help you improve your German grammar. The program was developed by teaching staff of the Department of German and the Cambridge University Language Centre. Click on the link. You will need the following: Username is “grammar” and password is “humboldt”, both in lower case!


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If you are interested in exploring a wide range of subjects, from German film to German history, linguistics and politics, then this site is for you.


All content for these modules was developed by teaching staff of the German department. You may wish to explore any of these topics for an extended project, for example. In case you’d like further help with any of the topics, you can also get in touch with us via

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If you have an interest in German fairy tales (some of them are grim!), then please click here.

The content of the German modules was developed by members of the German department.



Cambridge Language Centre

The Cambridge University Language Centre has developed a range of modules for German for general use. For Basic German click here.

And for help with reading authentic German texts covering a wide range of topics, please click here.


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German Things


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UK-German Connection has a range of materials for independent study. Have a look! 

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Click here to find a collection of BBC Radio Programmes about Germany on iPlayer


For more help and inspiration, click here.

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