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Information about Studying German at Cambridge

Before deciding on a university course it is worth comparing degree courses offered by different universities. Below are just a few pointers to help you get a better picture of the course in Cambridge. We have also included a few messages from current undergraduate students

First year beginners’ German:

Students have 4 hours per week, classes are taught by native speakers and cover all four skills. In classes, we cover a range of subjects related to the culture of German speaking countries. There are weekly classes on top of this to help build up vocabulary and speaking. After their 2nd term, students start reading German literature, and there are extra classes in the final term to help students understand, discuss and analyse the texts. For more information, click here.


Second and final year beginners’ German:

Students join the first year post A level cohort. This may sound daunting, but we often find that the former ‘beginners’ can stand their own ground very well. In 2014, the best results in language examinations were achieved by former beginners student! In the final year, former beginners join their original cohort. It is quite usual for former beginners to achieve first class results in their final examinations, both in their language and other papers.

For information about the Post A level course, please see here


Below are links to descriptions produced by current undergraduates, have a look!


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