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Information about the Cambridge Course for Teachers

Responsibility for the admission of students at Cambridge lies with the Colleges. As stated on the Cambridge Admissions Office website, it is a normal expectation that all successful applicants to Cambridge will achieve at least A*AA at A level, or an equivalent standard in another qualification. It is University policy that the A* grade will not normally be tied to a specific subject. The MML Faculty is aware that the grading of language A Levels is currently the subject of a review by Ofqual, and it is monitoring the trends in the award of high grades at A Level with a view to providing Colleges with appropriate advice on gauging the achievements of candidates in language A Levels relative to other subjects.

The Cambridge MML course allows students to concentrate on their individual interests. The first year is designed to introduce students to the broad areas of expertise offered within the department. See hereFrom their second year on, students can then choose to follow their own pathway. At the same time, language skills are being consolidated and improved through the teaching of basic grammar and translation, using a variety of media. For more information see here.  For information about the Ab initio course, see here.

The Faculty has dedicated pages for applicants:

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